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0007: Connie Wellik

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Was there hemp in the Garden Of Eden?

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Was there hemp in the Garden Of Eden?

 Connie Wellik suffered from severe, debilitating pain preventing her from doing simple tasks.   She joins Justin Benton to share the incredible story of how CBD helped her regain her life.   This active 73 year old now enjoys yoga and tells a great story about the results of her most blood test.

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MP0007 Connie Willik

Justin Benton: [00:00:00] welcome back to the miracle plant podcast, where we share incredible stories about this miracle plant. And boy, do we have a story to share today? Again, we started this miracle plant podcast because our family was affected. So amazingly by this miracle plant, our child was diagnosed with a severe diagnosis of autism.

And with this miracle plant. Using it in its raw form, we were able to get our son healthy and happy and diagnose off the spectrum. And we started our organization to maybe just educate and give hope and the same oil that worked for us for other families. But lo and behold, Others found us with their own specific health challenges.

And today our guest has an incredible story. That was one of the inspirations that allowed us to think bigger and understand that this plant could help so many people in so many different ways. So I'd like to welcome to the miracle plant [00:01:00] podcast, Connie Welock. Thank you for coming. Thank you for joining.

I can't wait to hear your story, Connie.

Connie Willik: thank you for having me on Justin. it's a real privilege and a real honor.  to be talking to you about this miracle plant because it's surest and it has been for me.

Justin Benton: I can remember when we first met and you came to us at our old location in Ventura, California, and this was literally, you were the first person that ever opened my eyes to. What, to your story. I had heard of shingles. I had heard of neuropathy, but I really didn't understand the depth.

And it was, you were the first person that, came in and, and told them, told me what you were looking for, what you were going through. And, yeah, I'll let you take it from there. do you remember, what led you to us and, let's hear your story.

Connie Willik: okay. I'm happy to tell it. yeah, the first time I came up [00:02:00] to one Oh one CBD, I could barely get up the stairs. My husband basically had to help me. Up the stairs. because I had such, painful neuropathy that I couldn't stand or even take more than three or four steps at that particular time, without severe pain.

And I think it was probably exacerbated by. A lot of things. I'm an older senior lady. And I've been thrown from a horse and I've had back injuries and,  but I have always been into more natural therapies and only to allopathic medicine when I was, made to, if there was just nothing else.

If I tried everything else.as a result of shingles, I had what they called post herpetic nerve pain and it cut it's caused by, damage to the nerves, from the virus. And [00:03:00] it's pretty common actually, now that I know that I know it, but, I had that nerve pain emanating down the front of my leg.

That really just disabled to me.  I started doing yoga and I could barely do that, but,  I had heard from a good friend of mine who, Comes down from Texas, basically to Ohio to the dispensary there because she has had a terrible nerve pain from a back injury. And so she said, Hey, you should try some, maybe some patches and hemp patches.

and so I cut the corner off of one of her patches and stuck it on my leg. And I think it was an 18 to one.THC patch and just the little teeny corner off her patch, just like I freaked out because I hate being altered in any way. And I said, no, that is so not for me. So not for me, [00:04:00] but when it did start,  was a curiosity about the hemp plant.

And so I'm, information junkie and I just got online and started researching CBD. And lo and behold, when I looked up. CBD one Oh one CBD was like on one of the top searches. And I thought, I'm just going to go and try it. it said it was THC pretty much THC free. So I thought, maybe it would help.

I, had gone off the medications that I was prescribed from my doctor, the neurons, and just made me loopy. And the steroids gave me a huge rash. I couldn't take anything. Really other than just an end set. I checked, I took Meloxicam, which is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, which barely took the edge off.

In, 2018, I was just basically, on my back. Most of the time I couldn't move. I could not, play with my [00:05:00] grandchildren. I cannot walk. I could, like I said, more than five minutes. So after talking with Janet at CBD, we have a lot in common being,  I was a former, herbalist, and so we had a lot in common.

And so in October 23rd, actually 2018, I had my first experience with.  alleviate, the one-on-one CBD whole plant, full spectrum, organic, everything I wanted and, CBD oil I received. And boy,  I think I've told you before, it's like the three day resurrection story. After three days, I could not.

Believe it.  I ended up walking for 30 minutes. I had, very little pain going up and down my stairs.  it was a miraculous. It that's all I can say. It was my Oculus. I had not slept in four months except, [00:06:00]  through exhaustion just because my body just would pass out at night from, not being able to sleep.

And so I would take the chill product before I went to bed. and after 10 minutes of holding it under my tongue, I could feel something like a warm blanket. Yeah. Just blanket my body and I was able to sleep.  and I could sleep for about four hours. So then, and I kept the chill, on my nightstand and I would hold it in my, under my time for five minutes.

And same thing might happen 10 minutes later. The one blanket return and I was able to sleep. So by November, I was able to sleep well, five or six hours  during the day I started resuming my 20 to 30 minute yoga practice that I had been doing before this happened.  I did have some acupuncture as well, but I was taking the CBD oil three to four times a day and, able, like I said, able to sleep, five to six hours by then.

So [00:07:00] in January, I noticed that I could decrease the CBD and I with allopathic medicine. You have this, that factor where you have to take more to get the same results with CBD. I actually was able to decrease the amount of CBD I was taking, gym one. And if I'm really super active and on my feet a lot, I might take it two times a day.

And then the chill before I go to bed, but man, it has been just incredible. and not only that, I really feel like just the boost from.  not having the pain has made me really appreciate exercise and interactions, with, with my health routine that I didn't have before. And it has spurred me on to a plant-based diet and.

I just had a blood test actually last week and my daughter, who is a nurse practitioner and she kinda, she's a medical person. So she looks [00:08:00] suspiciously at CBD and saying, yeah, placebo effect and all that. then she saw my blood test and my blood test, she said looked more like a 30 year old than a 73 year old.

And, I think we're starting a breakthrough with her. She does give it to her dog and it really helps her dog's pain,  her human being, she's not so sure. So anyway, I that's my story. I have other stories about so many other people of my friends and my husband when he was going through radiation for prostate cancer, zero side effects from the radiation.

And I. Absolutely. No, that has a lot to do with a whole plant eating and whole plant CBD.

Justin Benton: Yeah, that's amazing. That's it's, you're one of my favorite stories and one of our earlier stories and. when we were, because again, remember we started, for, we, we were looking for a miracle and we found it for our son for autism and we thought, okay, so we're going to set up a [00:09:00] platform.

That's going to give hope and education to other families because we had didn't have any hope. And we did all the education and then we had the story and the product that helped our family and just let people know that there's out there. And then I, then as the more I learned, I would hear about, pain and inflammation and then.

The anxiety, stress and then sleep at night. So then I figured, okay, that's, we started giving it to friends and family and they started wow, this stuff really works. And then, you were one of the earliest that came in and then it was, that was the point when I was like, okay, hold on here.

This is Whoa. Cause this was, back when we just didn't really know much about CBD at all, basically as a world. And, and they're go from. No sharp pains and the neuropathy and, just the quality of life and not being able to do the things that you wanted to do to now being able to live your life fully and active and lack of 30 year old.

Again, that's when I really, it really dawned on me that we were given this gift, this information that we had to get it out there. We had to figure out a way to break through all [00:10:00] the misinformation, to just. Talk about it, like you said, like eating whole plant diets, this is just, it's a food.

it really is just something you're adding to your diet and, it's, there's a lot, there's a lot, there's a big road ahead of us. A lot of us that were around in December. Of 2018 when the federal farm bill passed and made it very clear that hemp was legal. a lot of people felt like that might've been like crossing the finish line of a marathon when in fact it really was like the starter gun going off.

So I w I'd love to hear more stories, Connie. I know you are in a very unique position, with what you've done and your experience of people that you work with as well, that I think would help. Here are some of those stories and some of those people that were sitting on the fence and worried about taking CBD.

Connie Willik: yes, I, because I'm very involved in the recovery community. my husband and I began a,  church-based recovery program and.  it's 22 and there'll be 22 years ago in [00:11:00] January. And we've seen, hundreds and hundreds of people, get hope and healing through the recovery program.

But many of those people were addicted to opioids. Many of them, could not get off methadone.  and I have heard stories. Of, in our recovery community about the fact that the CBD oil has helped so much in getting people off of those, opioid drugs that, because there's maintenance, dosages that are given to addicts.

And there is no maintenance dosage of an opioid for an addict that is, that's just not acceptable in the recovery community. And a lot of it is shame based. A lot of people are taking it, undercover because there's this shame attached. To the, misunderstanding about this particular, plant, the hand plant.

And so I think for [00:12:00] me, I. I have been educating people, trying to educate people in my recovery community, that this is not something that is going to compromise sobriety. I, my husband's a truck driver and I know that if you were to take maybe a huge amount of,  CBD oil, a whole plant-based, CBD or they might have some kind of reaction on a drug test, but he's been taking it for.

For, over a year and just had a couple of random drug tests for driving and has had no indication of any kind of bad blood test. that part of it is a good thing, for him. And like I said, it's sailing through radiation with no, none of the side effects he was told he would have.  really was another eye-opener.

That was just a recent eye-opener. I, one of my other friends, who was going through cancer treatment and I, you may remember, Rosie was going through, chemotherapy and her anxiety [00:13:00] level was through their roof. And we all know that cancer is a stress disease anyway. And so that if you are exacerbating.

The cancer treatment with high anxiety and stress, it's not really going to be effective. And so she started taking the chill product. it was, I think she did a pretty high dose, that Janet recommended for her. But I have to say something else. Your company, Justin, is it. You are so generous about discounting and giving people the opportunity who can't afford, a long-term solution of CBT CBD oil.

that is another thing that just blows me away about your company is the generosity that you offer to chronic pain suffers because you know that they need this beautiful. Product and whatever you can do to provide it. And, you did that for Rosie and [00:14:00] I am just blown away, not only by the plant itself, but by the vehicle of your company to provide this miracle plant to our community and around the world.

So I just want to say, thanks. I am so grateful.

Justin Benton: we certainly appreciate that. And. And like I said, I know that my, I believe everything happens for a reason. And as long as your eyes and ears are open and you can see what those reasons are. And when, we were praying for this miracle and we found it, and then we realized there was such a gap in the information it was.

Cause, if the system worked.ideally you and I would have this conversation three years ago, it would be picked up on NBC or whatever, and then everyone would go and we would be able to discern quality information, find a quality product, get support from our government and basically do what they're doing in Brazil.

We work with Brazilian governments in Latin America, and they're basically,  they're making it [00:15:00] available to every citizen for free. Who any citizen that wants this product can have it for free. And, we're working through some of the, loopholes and bureaucracy, but we're going to get there.

and because at the end of the day, this is just the plant. You know what I mean? this is something you can grow in your backyard and, in some cases, which is crazy, it's more difficult to in California. That's the case. It's more difficult and harder legally to grow hemp.

Than it is cannabis in our state. And that's based on cities that have the ability to put buffer zones like in Ventura County and where I'm in right now, I'm an Ohio, California, and one of our other locations,  which is a beautiful community, but the city government decided that no one can grow hemp within city limits.

And again, this is just a plant. It is a cannabis plant, but in California, every anybody over the age of 21 can grow six cannabis plants. Completely for medical reasons or [00:16:00] recreational reasons. That's a state law that we passed here a few years ago, but. The hemp plant has more restrictions than the actual cannabis plant.

So again, our mission is to heal the world. We want to pay this gift forward. We teach people on, blogs and vlogs, on YouTube, how to grow the plant. We give seeds away for free. when you place an order, we have, we get frontline emails all the time and we give them free products and. And we want people to try the product for free.

just so you can see for yourself. that's the thing when you have neuropathy and I've been working with support groups in neuropathy, cause it's so black and white, like I'm looking for contrast that it's just What is, when is the needle gonna move? when 30,000 people who are suffering, beyond levels that you can imagine that you will can imagine.

and then, goes away.

Connie Willik: It is, it's like something and you're never prepared for it because it travels through your nervous system. And so you never know where that pain's [00:17:00] going to be. And I was always afraid, like going down or even up the stairs in my home.  if the pain would happen while I was walking up the stairs, that stabbing knife, leg pain, I, my Blake would go out.

And so then I not only had this pain, but then I was. Susceptible to falls. and so I was always fearful. I was in this constant state of anxiety and I think with the pain and add that, add the anxiety into that this beautiful plant is the perfect answer because it not only offers pain relief.

and blankets those nerves, but it also takes away the anxiety and because of the beautiful, combination that you have in the chill plant with the passion flower, it is just like the perfect antidote and anti-anxiety. And when you think about. Oh, my goodness, the [00:18:00] statistics of how many people are on Valium and other anti anxiety medications with horrible side effects.

And, I just can't imagine why the medical community wouldn't say hallelujah. We have something that works that has no side effects other than joy.

Justin Benton: no, I remember in the early days people would ask me and they still do, but I don't get it quite as much, but they would ask me, so what are the side effects? Cause we're all conditioned, with all those commercials, with that laundry list and I'd be like, the side effects are usually that you'll probably be a little less stressed out and probably sleep better at night.

And they're always looking at you like, wait there's positive side effects.  so yeah, and again, that's why the podcast is here. That's why I'm having you on. And I'm going to continue to yell from the mountain tops until the day happens when. I feel that the masses out there get it, they understand it.

they understand what CBD is. They understand it comes from a hemp plant and it, we just essentially juice it. We're just squeezing [00:19:00] it through cold extraction and that you can grow it in your backyard and you can put it in your kale juice and your carrot juice and your silver juice in the morning.

And an orange juice and drink it. And you can grow it yourself and you don't need to buy it from me. You don't need to buy it from anybody. If you don't have a green thumb and you, I live in a place where, you don't know how to grow or don't want to grow fine. That's why we're here and we'll do whatever we can to support you.

ideally what I'd love to do is work with governments like Brazil or. Any government and teach them how to grow it and teach them how to give it to their constituents. because there's so many third world countries out there that, are, poverty and, obviously in horrible economic situations and will this plant could help with that.

you can live off of it. You can live off of the hemp seed, grain. It's the best protein that you literally could find in mother nature. It's got the perfect balance of amino acids and. mega threes in the fatty acids, in the sixes and the perfect ratio, the similar to breast milk.  I feel like we're sitting on a secret Connie and I know you've done such an incredible job, and salute to you for [00:20:00] spreading the word in your communities.

and, I can't tell you how many people have come into our stores. Connie sent us cause you're all fired up and you have an amazing story to share. So kudos to you. We've got lots of work to do, Connie. We're doing it by golly.

Connie Willik: yes we are. And the other thing is, because my, I was a pastor at a large church here in Ventura and I tell all my, spiritual people that if I really think about it, that the tree in the middle of the garden of Eden, the tree of life was a hemp plant, actually. And if we had stayed true to that hemp plant, we wouldn't be in the situation we are today, our pearls, somebody ate some of that other plan.

It didn't work out so well for us.

Justin Benton: well, and we've been, it's been documented for over 8,000 years that the hemp plant, the cannabis plant has been used for medicinal purposes, dating back to Oriental medicine handbooks. And, sometimes I eat. I cringe a little bit. When people talk about [00:21:00] CBD is alternative medicine. actually it's been around longer than the pharmaceutical model.

That's only been around for about 150 years. So which one really is alternative. And I think we can all pretty much agree in unison that the model has failed of single molecule, trying to play a chemistry set. With our brains and bodies as us being the Guinea pigs. So rolling things back to a time where we basically all know what we need to do to be healthy.

We need to exercise. We need to drink plenty of water. Good. Clean water, distilled water. reverse osmosis water, not the stuff coming out of the tap. We need to be mindful. We need to keep the negativity away. We need, I know with meditation and yoga that you use and doing those simple things with eating we are what we eat.

And I know you can expand upon that. you've. Definitely, we've talked about your diet and what you've done to, and I just I'm the last time I saw you kinda, you came in our store, you were, you showed me some yoga pose. And I was like, Oh my God, I didn't know. The body can bend like that.

[00:22:00] So even mean, you really are a Testament to what this plant can do for all of us. For humanity.

Connie Willik: Not bad for 73, 

Justin Benton: was impressed. Very impressed.

Connie Willik: I'm old enough to be your grandmother. So there you go.

Justin Benton: Age has just put a number and it's just an arbitrary number around loops around the sun. So you litter and you've shown us all that you literally are as old as you feel. So I'm forever 27. That's what I'm conveying.

Connie Willik: thank you, Justin. Yeah, my daughter said, I've got the blood of a 30 year old, 30 year old, so I'll stick with 30. 30 is good. I don't mind that.

Justin Benton: and I know, again, you're in that unique position that you and your story, there's people that are just like you, that are having hesitation. And they've heard that they, I was reading a study this morning about, there was a research that was done with 40,000 people about CBD.

Very interesting. And, 10% of the people in the survey that it was a nationwide survey, didn't know the difference between CBD and THC. And, there was [00:23:00] a, they didn't know that another 10% had no idea. Oh no, it was 80%. I think didn't know the difference between hemp and marijuana. So for all those people out there, those listeners that are hearing this, A year from now or two years from now that are sitting there on the fence.

And they're like, I don't get it. I don't understand it. what is CBD and why should I try it?

Connie Willik: I think I love the model that you use about the CBD, because there is a difference in CBD products as well. but I it's fresh squeezed orange juice compared with sunny delight.  you can take vitamin C and. Infuse it into a sugary drink and you may get a little bit of vitamin C out of it, once it goes through your digestive system and all of that, but, with the whole plant,  cold extracted version, which is basic way, just juicing and what you've done for 'em.

is to put it in a changed shirt that we can just hold under our time for a few minutes, [00:24:00] actually. And with some pretty tasty flavorings too. So it doesn't taste tobacco product or anything. but it is, it's like a food it's not. And, it started out that our food was our medicine and our medicine is our food.

And like you said, I think that's what we really need to go back to. And, back to, a plant-based eating, it, it would. It would clean up our communities. It would clean up our air. It would improve or water system. If we all just, went back to the way that we were created to eat, which is, a whole food plant-based diet.

And so I, I think for me, I call it the entourage effect because, we have to deal with every part of our humanness. We have to deal with our spirituality. You know where meditation and contemplation really comes into play, with the exercise and the yoga. seriously, there's not, my doctor even tells me it's just 30 minutes of being active.

So whatever, [00:25:00] walking will do the trick for you. And of course, yoga is my favorite because that incorporates the meditation and the yoga all in one. And then, with eating a whole plant-based including CBD oil because it's, plant-based dating as well. that for me has made the most tremendous difference in my life as anything I had ever done,  in my 73 years of life.

So I am so grateful to God for the plant and grateful to you for providing it in a easy to use product like CBD oil.

Justin Benton: again, we're so grateful that you found us and you're S we're so grateful that you shared our story with us and you enlightened us with your experience. And that really helped widen our focus on what this plant can do. you were definitely a part of our.  just understanding of how vast this plant could help.

So many, our goal is to reach 1 billion people by [00:26:00] 2025, whether it be a video or a product or a seed, just the education about the plant to try it for themselves, we would love to raise enough awareness. and to get to a point where, like I said, we could just give it away. Give it away to anybody that needs to try the product and we're working on it.

My accountants are always giving me a hard time, but we're on pace to give away $5 million worth of our product this year. And we want to double that every year, moving forward. I just want people to try it. I just want people just to experience it for themselves. if it's our product great. If it's another quality company out there, who's making a great product.

Great. If you're growing it in your backyard. Great. but again, I just, my vision is.  and I'm just keeping it on the medicine and food side. Cause we could go further. But I just, I envision people growing this plant in their backyard, like tomatoes and the, I could have starter plants that have already gotten started that are, a foot or two feet tall and you could just have it in your backyard.

You can grow it inside or outside and people will just [00:27:00] clip it. And then when it comes to, at flowers for about eight weeks, you can throw it in your freezer. Or a clip it fresh and put it in your blender or your juicer. And I just know that this plant is the only plant that we've ever come across that helps our bodies find homeostasis and balance, which is just essentially setting our bodies up for success, which allows our bodies to heal themselves.

Like we've talked about with eating right. Drinking, lots of water and getting sleep and exercise and being mindful. Connie, thank you so much for coming on. I just, I, you mean the world to us. I'm so glad we found each other. And I just know that this story that you've shared is going to help so many people.

Connie Willik: thank you so much. And I'm right with you. As long as I can, man, I wanna carry the message. of what this plant really does offer teaching Manatee in  so many more ways than, just feeling better. It is like you say, it's a whole plant, it provides so much nutrition. I'm with ya. I need some seeds.

Justin Benton: Come on by I'm up here in Omaha by [00:28:00] Ventura. We'll get you some seeds and I'll show you the videos on our YouTube channel, how to get growing. And, there's it's really not that hard. They always say, if you can grow tomatoes, you can grow hemp. and it.

Connie Willik: I got wild ones, wild tomatoes grown in my backyard. So yeah, I think I can

Justin Benton: we'll get you going so well, thanks again for joining us. And I want to read it, a review that, we have a highlighted review every week. Cause we really, it means the world to us that when you review it and share the podcast, it gets in someone else because there's people out there that are praying and looking for a miracle, they really are.

They're in pain, just like Connie was their family member, their child, their mom, and they are looking for an answer and we believe. You know that this plant is going to give them the best chance of solving whatever that health element is just like eating right, drinking, water, exercising, and everything else.

So please share this podcast. Please review this. When you review the podcast, take the five minutes. It helps the algorithms in Apple, or it helps the algorithms [00:29:00] in Spotify. Go and get bumped up. So when people are looking for podcasts, they're looking for podcasts about cannabis, hemp, or CBD, they find us.

So that's why it's so important to review. So we really appreciate that. So this week's review is from so Cal Brad, he says, wow, it's rare to listen to a podcast and come away with so much vital information. Justin and Kristen share intimate family moments that really hit home. Thank you for getting this out into the world.

You guys rock well, thanks. So Kyle Brad, see, and thank you everybody for joining us here at the miracle plant podcast, we are on a mission to heal the world. And like we said, if you've got a great story that you want to, tell us about, please reach out to us@infoatthemiracleplant.org. We would love to hear your story and have the on a future podcast.

So for now, thanks for everybody for stopping by, and we'll see you next week at the miracle plant podcast. Take care, everybody.